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Supply Chain Scarcity: What If I Need to Buy a New Furnace?


We can thank the pandemic for supply chain issues in Canada, including laptop and car shortages—oh, and bathroom tissue!   

With scarcity like this, what to do if your family needs to buy a new furnace? Could a Canadian family really go the entire winter without heat?     

Supplies Are Very Limited This Season, Get Your New Furnace Now! 

A “wait-and-see” approach may not work well if your family needs a new furnace this season.  Rising energy costs have many Canadians plucking up a new energy efficient furnace now, but supplies are very limited.   

That’s why it’s a smarter strategy to purchase a new furnace now, before the coldest weather is upon us—and while supplies last this season.   

And to answer my earlier question: no, a Canadian family could not go the entire winter without heat - and there’s no reason to, because we have financing available.

If your energy bill was high last fall and winter, now is the time to save on costs with a new energy efficient furnace—while supplies last.   

The same can be said if your furnace was unreliable last year, or on its last legs.      

Do not let supply chain challenges impact your family’s home comfort this season: keep them comfortable during the long winter ahead.   

We have a great selection of new furnaces, but supplies are very limited and are going fast – don't wait too long! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Will Supply Chain Scarcity Prevent Me From Buying a New Furnace? 

If you order now, you can secure a new furnace for your family’s home comfort.  Should you order later, do know that supplies are very limited this season.  

What Are Your Current Furnace Specials? 

Financing available

I Noticed You Have Specials on New Furnaces! Will These Specials Last Forever? 

Yes, we have excellent specials on new furnaces right now.   

These deals will not last forever and are subject to change and product availability - so call now to secure your new furnace. 

Can I Buy an Energy Efficient Furnace from You Now, Regardless of Supply Chain Scarcity? 

Yes, you can buy a new energy efficient furnace from us now - we’re not quite out, but supplies are not likely to last as long as they usually do..   

As energy costs continue to increase, you’ll save money through the chillier, colder months with the benefits of an efficient furnace.  

I Am Concerned About Supply Chain Scarcity! I Want to Order a New Furnace from You Now! 

Good idea! 

now to get started on the setup & installation of your brand-new furnace.

We appreciate your business and look forward to promptly serving you & your family with pristine home comfort this winter! 

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