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How Long Does it Take to Install a Furnace?


How Long Does it Take to Install a Furnace?

If you have decided that your old furnace is starting to see its years a little more and is looking (and functioning) worse for the wear, it may be time to call up your friendly HVAC technicians to schedule a replacement. When you’re mapping out your schedule for the week, you likely want to know just how long a furnace installation takes. Here’s your answer. 

How long does it take to remove and install a new furnace?

Removing an old furnace is a process in and of itself, and if an old furnace needs to be removed before a new one can be installed, then you can expect the process to run 2-4 hours longer.

Furnace installation within a residential home, in total, takes a different amount of time depending on the complexity of the job and any additional work that needs to be done, such as ductwork, gas line, or electrical modifications that are required to match the new equipment coming in. The same applies for the removal of the old furnace; if it’s fairly complex, and there’s a lot of different systems going on, it may take longer. In total, to take out an old furnace and then install a new one, you should expect the whole process to last between 4 and 8 hours.

How long does it take to put in a furnace?

As mentioned in the previous section, installing a new furnace in your residential home can run up to about 8 hours, but that’s just the answer in a nutshell. There are numerous factors that can affect your heating installation job. Those are as follows:

Home Size

As you might imagine, the larger the home is, the more time the installation process will take. Larger homes might have more complex duct systems, which can extend the installation process. It also just means that there’s more room to be dealing with overall.

Complexity of Install

The complexity of the installation, from the detail of the ductwork to where in the home the furnace is located/to be located can impact the length of the installation.

Existing Infrastructure

As you might imagine, a home with existing components such as vents, ducts, and gas lines, may cause delays as the new equipment will need to be installed to fit what is already installed. As such, modifications may be needed to ensure the new equipment operates seamlessly with your current infrastructure, which can take additional time.

System Upgrades

If the installation of your furnace is part of a much larger HVAC system upgrade, such as also adding in a new thermostat or air conditioning unit, then the overall project duration will be much longer.

Finishing Touches

Once the furnace is installed, there might be additional tasks such as sealing ducts, testing the system, and cleaning up the installation area.

Customization and Zoning

If the installation involves setting up zones for different parts of the house or customizing the system for specific needs, it can add to the installation duration. This isn’t very common with residential builds, but it can be in much larger homes, commercial spaces, and industrial facilities with larger square footage.

Electrical and Gas Connections

Ensuring safe and proper electrical and gas connections is crucial. Depending on the existing infrastructure, this can take varying amounts of time.

Permits and Inspections

Local building codes might require permits and inspections for furnace installations. The time needed for paperwork and scheduling inspections can affect the overall timeline.

Unforeseen Issues

The experience and skill level of the HVAC technicians performing the installation can impact the speed and quality of the work.

How difficult is it to install a furnace?

The complexity of installing a furnace can vary based on a number of reasons, including your level of experience, the type of furnace, the infrastructure of your home, and local building codes. Installing a furnace may be doable for someone with extensive experience in HVAC systems, electrical work, and building. However, it can be a difficult and sometimes hazardous undertaking for someone lacking the required abilities and understanding.

In order to install a furnace, it is necessary to complete duties such as correct electrical wiring, gas line connections, ductwork arrangement, and ventilation assurance. If the installation calls for changing the existing ductwork or if the furnace is a high-efficiency unit with unique venting requirements, the complexity rises. In order to guarantee the boiler functions safely and effectively, precise measurements, calculations, and adherence to manufacturer recommendations are essential.

Due to the potential risks associated with gas and electrical systems, as well as the importance of adhering to local codes for safety and legality, it's generally recommended to hire a licensed and experienced HVAC professional for furnace installation. This ensures that the installation is done correctly, minimizing the risk of hazardous conditions, inefficiencies, and the need for future repairs.

A technician can help

Ultimately, the best way to get an accurate estimate on the time required for your furnace’s installation - and perhaps the removal of an old unit - is to consult with a professional home comfort advisor, such as the ones we have here at Francis Home Environment. Each situation can vary greatly, so you will only really know how long your job will take once you’ve consulted with an expert who can get to know your heating needs, the parameters and specs of your home, and the job that needs to be done. Once you’ve gotten in touch with the professional in question, then you’ll be able to schedule a time that works best for you and your family to have your new furnace installed!

Francis Home Environment technicians are available 24/7/365 days a year! That includes after-hours, weekends, and holidays at no extra cost to you! Furthermore, when purchasing a new unit for your home, make sure to ask us about our fantastic discounts and financing options!

Are you ready to get started? Call and schedule an in-home consultation appointment with a home comfort advisor today! All consultations come with a free new system purchase quote!

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