Nest Learning Thermostat

A Smart Thermostat That Handles The Thinking For You

Try and imagine a thermostat that understands and learns from your heating and cooling patterns, and then builds a personalized heating and cooling schedule that helps you conserve energy automatically and keeps you totally comfortable at home.


Stop imagining now; the Nest Learning Thermostat does exactly that.


As little as 11% of thermostats are programmed appropriately because they are just too complicated or too cumbersome to learn. It’s different with the Nest Thermostat. After installing the Nest Thermostat, you’ll spend a few days just dialing up and down the thermostat to reach your family’s desired comfort level. Nest monitors the changes you make, accounts for when you’re away, considers the outdoor weather in Ottawa (or wherever you’re located), and then establishes a personalized schedule for you, all within a week. All on its own! You can also connect to your thermostat from your smartphone, laptop or tablet to make changes from the office or while traveling. It’s almost too easy.


Nest is continually learning. It keeps adjusting itself for maximum energy savings and comfort, saving you money. In fact, many Nest owners realize a 100% return on their investment in less than a year. As the world’s first Learning Thermostat, Nest can offer hundreds in dollars of savings as a result of using less energy; you’ll be able to see those results because the Nest tracks your energy savings for you.


With as much as you have going on every day, you shouldn’t have to be concerned about the amount of energy and money wasted on heating or cooling your Ottawa area home. With Nest, you’ll never have to worry about it, and we mean never.


Francis Home Environment Heating and Air Conditioning in Ottawa is a certified Nest Partner and Installer. Whether you want to learn more or are ready to purchase and install a Nest Thermostat, just call Francis Home Environment in Ottawa at 613-723-4700.

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