Heat Pumps

All-In-One Heat Pumps Make It Easy To Maintain Home Comfort

When you think of heat pumps, you probably don't picture an all-in-one system that delivers both heating and cooling options. Okay, let’s not kid ourselves, you’ve actually never thought about heat pumps. But you should!


In Ottawa, heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as an efficient way to heat and cool your house all year. Heat pumps are an especially good alternative if you live in a warmer area. These systems perform like an air conditioner in the warmer months and then switches to heat your home in the cooler months. Heat pumps are a very efficient way to reach your ultimate comfort level without spending too much money on energy bills. Many of our heat pump systems are exceptionally quiet, so quiet you won’t hear it running.


To learn more about heat pumps or talk to an expert about which unit is a good fit for you, call Francis Home Environment Heating and Air Conditioning in Ottawa for a free consultation and estimate at 613-723-4700.

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