Get your AC up and running for summer

With the hot summer temperatures upon us you may be considering turning on your air conditioner to make your home more comfortable. You may want to consider a few things before you turn on your AC to ensure it is working properly and efficiently. Find out how you can best keep your house cool and comfortable this summer.

Air Conditioner and Furnace Maintenance: Before summer is in full effect and the hot temperatures are unbearable, schedule a maintenance checkup by an HVAC technician which will help rule out serious issues like leaks and damage. A good tip is to schedule regular maintenance with your trusted HVAC partner and take advantage of great maintenance plans, free assessments and rebates.1


Preparing your Air Conditioner:

  • Remove the cover from your AC outside to ensure the fan and unit operates effectively
  • Turn on the AC breaker and check the outside disconnect
  • Check that the air conditioner and furnace filters are clean and have no buildup. This will prevent your air conditioner from overworking and recirculating dust back into your home. Best practice is to check that your filters are clean once a month.3


Keeping your home cool:

  • Consistently adjust your thermostat. Did you know that cooling and heating consume up to 50% of total home energy use?1 To help annual energy savings and improve the cool temperature in your home, set the thermostat lower such as 78 degrees when you are at home and set it higher such as 85 degrees when you are not at home. Your AC will have to work harder at producing efficient air conditioning if there is a larger temperature variance outside than it is inside your home. A very low set temperature will not cool your home faster.
  • Consider a smart thermostat. It can help save on heating and cooling costs simply by regulating heating and cooling when you are and you're not at home.
  • Place your thermostat on the right wall. Your thermostat will need to be placed on a wall away from windows to prevent it from thinking it is warmer in the room than it is.1 It should also be clear from clutter, appliances and anything potentially blocking it.
  • Utilize a ceiling fan: With the use of air conditioning, a ceiling fan can help raise the thermostat setting up to four degrees. Keep in mind, ceiling fans create a wind chill effect which helps cool us but not rooms. So, while it is effective, it makes sense to use a ceiling fan only when you are in the room.2
  • Close your blinds: Heat will come through windows and warm up both you and the thermostat. By closing the blinds, you keep the sun out and stop the cool air from escaping. Blinds or sun shades that allow light in but block out the heat are something to consider.4




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