Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance in Ottawa

The Key to Long-Lasting and Efficient Performance

The best way to avoid poor performance and efficiency issues is to schedule annual furnace maintenance with Francis Home Environment Heating and Air Conditioning in Ottawa. Our expert furnace maintenance technicians have you covered. They’ll perform our exclusive 23 point furnace Precision Tune-up; plus, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing our technicians are NATE-certified, meaning they’ve gone through rigorous training and are very qualified to do any furnace maintenance. A properly maintained furnace will stay in top-performing condition longer, providing continuous comfort throughout the winter season.


At Francis Home Environment Heating and Air Conditioning in Ottawa, we offer a variety of furnace maintenance and tune-up plans. Some of the most important checks include:


Check And Clean Gas Burner Section

We inspect the heating exchange surface for chips or signs of wear, which may greatly affect efficiency.

Verify Proper Airflow And Blower Operation

This practice ensures air is properly circulating through your home to produce the most comfort.

Confirm Calibration Of Gas Valve

We analyze your unit’s fuel operation to ensure the right pressure is delivered to the furnace. A properly functioning gas valve is important for efficiency and safety.

Examine All Electrical Components

Many of your system’s electrical parts should be checked annually for damage, corrosion and safe operation. The last thing you need is a problem with one of these parts on a cold winter night!

Comfort System Inspection

This heating and cooling service covers 29 checks. It also includes our exclusive 11-point Home Health™ Report Card so you can review any indoor air quality risks in your home.


Not only could routine furnace maintenance reduce repair costs, it can also help lessen your energy bill, and that’s money back in your pocket. When the equipment is properly maintained, it simply runs more efficiently and reduces the odds you'll need our emergency heating repair service.


Explore our Protection Plans, or call 613-723-4700 to schedule a tune-up for your furnace today.

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